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Conditions Of Play



1. Eligibility

The World Club Pro-Am is open to all PGA Members and trainees as recognised by their respective National PGA. A limited number of exemptions may be considered provided that the Professional is a member in good standing of an organisation that is considered a Professional Member of the International Golf Federation. Any doubts as to eligibility will be decided by the PGAs of Europe Board of Directors whose decision will be final.

Amateur participants must be full members in good standing of a golf club. Teams can be made up of amateurs from multiple clubs, but the TEAM can only represent one Club – preferably the Club where the PGA Professional resides.

2. Tournament Itinerary

Monday 18th March Official Practice Day & Welcome Dinner
Tuesday 19th March Round 1 – Lake View
Wednesday 20th March Round 2 – Springfield
Thursday 21st March Round 3 – Black Mountain & Banyan
Friday 22nd March Round 4 – Black Mountain & Banyan
Saturday 23rd March Round 5 – Black Mountain – Gala Awards Banquet

3. Registrations and Competitor Briefing

The Professional and Amateur Registration desks will be operational from 09h00 on Sunday 17th March and will be located in the hotel lobby area - All amateur competitors MUST confirm their current handicap upon registration. 

All Professionals are requested to register at the PGAs of Europe Desk located in the Official Hotel before 12.00hrs on Monday 18th March either in person or by e-mail to ed@pgae.com.

It is the Professional’s responsibility to ensure that the PGAs of Europe Desk is made aware of their amateurs’ exact handicaps as well as the system that their handicap uses, and MUST provide a current handicap certificate. Failure to do so will result in the amateur playing off scratch.

Participants agree that their personal data may be given to third parties for reasons related to timing, results’ ranking and announcement on the internet. Personal data of the participants required during the registration procedure are stored and will be used for purposes only related to the staging of the event. By submitting an entry form, each participant consents to the storing of his/her personal data and its use for the purposes of the event.

Participants consent to the use of their image during the event by the organizers, sponsors, or other partners of the event for promotional purposes, with no right to claim full or partial compensation for that reason.

4. Conditions of Play

The event shall be played under The R&A Rules of Golf, the Tournament Regulations of the PGAs of Europe, the 2019 PGAs of Europe Conditions of Competition and the local rules for each course on which the tournament shall be played, as determined by the PGAs of Europe Chief Referee.

Professional Category: The Professionals will play a 90-hole individual Stableford event. The Professional with the highest cumulative Stableford score over the 5 rounds will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, a sudden death play-off will take place over a hole(s) as determined by the Tournament Manager. All Professionals will play off scratch. 

Team Category: Teams will compete over 72 holes Stableford with the best two scores from the team of four to count on each hole. The team’s Professional’s Round 5 individual stableford score will be added to the team’s score to give the final overall team score. In the event of a tie in the Team Category, prizes will be determined by a card countback based on the Professional’s score achieved over his last 18 holes, then 9, 6, 3 and last hole. 

Individual Amateur Category: On the final day, amateurs may elect to play in an 18-Hole Individual Cup Stableford event at a separate course or opt to rest & follow their PGA Professional. In the event of a tie in the Individual Amateur Category, prizes will be determined by a card countback based on the player’s last 9, 6, 3 and last hole.

Handicaps: The handicap limit is 24 for all male amateur participants and 36 for all female amateur participants. Players who have a higher handicap than these limits will be capped at 24 and 36. The EGA slope system will apply and all amateur players will play off the sloped handicap allowance that will be indicated on the scorecard. Playing handicaps are calculated as follows: “Handicap Index x Slope Rating / 113 + Course Rating – Par”.

Players who fail to present a valid handicap certificate will play off scratch.



• To be agreed at the Captains briefing between the PGA Rule’s officials and Team Captains according to course rotation.
• Given that the teams will be playing on separate course on day 3 and 4, one course could be easier to score on than the other, so the fairest way to determine the winner should be based on the Professional’s own individual score on the final day. Each will be playing on the same course and in the same playing conditions. The count back on his last 18 holes, then 9, 6, 3, 1.


• In the event that 2 or more players finishing on the same winning score then the players will play a sudden death playoff.

5. Awards and Awards Ceremony

Trophies will be awarded to the Top 7 Teams.

Professionals will compete for an overall prize fund of $80,609.14 and will be subject to a PGAs of Europe 5% Levy.

All Professionals are required as part of the Conditions of Entry to attend all functions including prize presentations unless published conditions state otherwise or prior agreement has been made and authorised by the Tournament Manager. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of the Conditions of Entry and a player could be fined €75 for non-attendance.

6. Draws

The starting times for Round 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be published in the tournament office by 13.00hrs on Monday 18th March and will be sent to the players by email.

Shuttles times will be communicated to each individual team.

The starting times for Round 5 will be published following completion of Round 4. The order of play will be in strict Professional score order with the leading Professional going out last.

NOTE: No changes to the draws will be permitted once they are posted and the decision of the Tournament Manager in conjunction with the hosting venues will be final.

7. Starting & Tees

• All competitors are required to be at their starting tee 10 minutes prior to their start time. This is to allow the starter to provide pin positions, local rules and additional information to each player. This also ensures that all team members are present and able to start on time.
• Professionals will play from the White Branded Tee Markers; 
• Male Amateurs will play from the White Branded Tee Markers; 
• Female Amateurs from the Red Branded Tee Markers.

Missing team members including the PGA Professional may be subject to penalty if the team in question fails to meet the points highlighted in 20.1 of the PGA’s of Europe tournament Regulations 

When both Professional and the team are subject to a two-stroke penalty for lateness on the tee, the team total for the first hole will be increased by two shots prior to any penalty being added to the Professional’s individual score for that hole.

8. Buggies & Caddies

All competitors will be provided with a share of a golf cart at all four courses plus a Caddie. This will be compulsory as a rule of the hosting course. Where a course allocates one cart per player, the cart must be accompanied by a caddie who will drive for the player.
Please note that the caddy fee and halfway meal will be provided, however, it is customary to tip the caddy an additional amount. The minimum is generally THB 300-400, but players may tip more at their own discretion.

9. Scorecards & Recording of Scores

All scorecards must be returned to the designated recording desk at each club immediately following play. 

Players will be requested to input their scores during their round on ScoreCapture handheld devices (mobile phones) with data pre-loaded for live scoring and leaderboard information, however, the official score that will count towards the final leaderboard will be the score recorded on the paper scorecard provided and published by the PGAs of Europe’s scoring system (GolfBox).

PGA Professionals and Members of an organisation that are considered a Professional Member of the international Golf Federation must co-operate when asked for details of their scores by Official Recorders, PGAs of Europe Staff, Tournament Organisers and Scoring Technology providers. In this case, players are requested to input their scores in the provided ScoreCapture devices. Failure to cooperate could result in the Professional being fined €75.

All teams play together daily and scoring integrity is of the highest importance.
The Professional MUST mark the Team Alliance Card, whilst the amateur with the lowest handicap MUST mark the Professional’s Card.

10. On-Course Rulings & Doubt as to Procedure

Each day a course specific local rules sheet and pin position sheet will be handed to each team on their first tee.

There will be PGAs of Europe Rules Officials on the courses at all times to deal with any disputes. If, however, there is no Rules Official present the player may invoke Rule 20.1c(3) (two ball rule). The player must nominate the ball with which he wants to score, should the rules permit, and report the facts to a PGAs of Europe Official immediately after the conclusion of play. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Consumption of Alcohol on the Course: The World Club Pro-Am does not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the course during play. Alcohol may only be consumed in the designated bar or clubhouse. Professionals in breach of this rule will be fined €75 by the PGAs of Europe on their first offence, with the amount being doubled on each subsequent breach. Players in breach of this rule may also be disqualified from the tournament.

11. Distances and Distance Measuring Devices

All competitors will be permitted to use distance-measuring devices provided they measure distance only. If a player has any doubt as to whether a device is conforming they should seek the advice of a PGAs of Europe official.

Players will also be allowed to make use of the local GPS system on the golf carts.

The distances on the scorecard and GPS system are in yards.

The distances on the course are in yards and to the front of the greens, except for where the fairway distances are measured to the middle of the green, which will be indicated accordingly. 
Distances indicated on the tee boxes are to the middle of the green. 

12. Pace of Play

A pace of play will be enforced for the duration of the tournament. If a player cannot score on a hole then they must pick up to assist the pace of play. The allocated time per course will be communicated on the first tee.

It will be the professional’s responsibility to ensure that the team’s pace of play adheres to the guidelines of the Chief Referee.

13. Bad Weather / Play Foreshortened or Cancelled

In the event of bad weather and an overall result not being possible, the overall result will be decided over completed rounds.

All players should make themselves aware of the Suspension of Play Policy, which can be found on the PGAs of Europe Hard Card – Section A11. In all instances when there is a threat of lightning the player should put their own safety first and seek shelter as soon as possible.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances any decision shall be made by the PGAs of Europe and, in consultation with the tournament committee, will be binding.

14. Golf Clubs – Check in procedure & Valuables

Upon arrival at the golf club, players will be directed to their golf bags. The players must ensure that their golf bag is unlocked and loaded on the golf cart. Once the player has completed their round and their scorecard has been handed in and recorded, it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their golf bag is locked once again and stored in the storage vehicle.

All players are reminded that any valuables such as wallets, cash, jewellery etc. are their own responsibility and should not be left in golf carts, bags or left laying around.

15. Catering - On course refreshments

Food and beverage stalls will be situated around the courses. Teams may stop at any time to refresh for 5 minutes between holes, provided that they do not hold up play and that they adhere to the pace of play as established by the Chief Referee. 

16. Tournament Committee

Emilio Dellanzo PGAs of Europe Tournament Manager
Craig Clay-Smith Marketing Director
Michael Jon PGAs of Europe Chief Referee

17. Officials and Contacts

Tournament Manager Emilio Dellanzo PGAs of Europeed
@pgae.com +44 (0) 7809 338919
Chief Referee Michael Jon PGAs of Europe

Committee Chairman and championship Communications Director: Craig Clay-Smith
0951416552 (RSA Mobile +27 82 555 0529)
World Club ProAm

Event Management Director: Beverley Theron
0829914533 (RSA Mobile +27 83 675 5521)
World Club ProAm

Event Production Technical Director: Neil Pinto
0825325292 (RSA Mobile +27 86 655 0005)
World Club ProAm

Event Media Liaison and PR: Ella Msomi
0956363290 (RSA Mobile +27 76 843 9761)
World Club ProAm