Conditions Of Play

The tournament will be a 90-hole event for Professional and 72 holes for amateurs, with 18 holes being played each day over the host courses.

Team Event

  • The format for the four round tournament is Fourball Alliance Stableford with 2 scores to count.
  • The competition score is the team alliance score PLUS the PGA Professional’s on the 5th day. (Amateurs only compete in the team competitionplay 4 out of 5 days).
  • The PGA Professional individual championship is scored over all 5-competition days.
  • On the 5th day Amateurs may elect to play in an Individual Cup Stableford event at a separate course or opt to rest & follow their PGA Professional on the last day.

Day Description Group 1 Group 2
Sunday Practice
Will be played across the 4 championship courses & based on a draw
Monday Tournament Day 1 - Alliance Course 1 Course 2
Tuesday Tournament Day 2 - Alliance Course 2 Course 1
Wednesday Tournament Day 3 - Alliance Course 3 Course 4
Thursday Tournament Day 4 - Alliance Course 4 Course 3
Friday Professional 5th and Final day of Competition
Professionals play together
Course to be finalized
Amateur Competition
One/Two Individual Cups depending on numbers
Course/s to be finalized depending on numbers

Slope Rating

All courses will be slope rated prior to the event. The average of the slope ratings across all the courses will be calculated and each competitor who is handicapped on a slope rating will be allocated an average increase or decrease to their handicap for the duration of the event.

For example if a players handicap is 2.5 and the average slope rating across all the courses is 2.5 then that player will compete off a 5 handicap for the duration of tournament. Handicap fractions will be rounded up from point 5 (.5) and down from point 4 (.4)

Senior Tees and Handicaps

Forward tees will be in play in the World Club ProAm and are to be used only by those that are handicapped off the forward tees at their home golf club. This will only apply to golfers over the age of 60.

Definition of Stableford

A scoring system in which points are awarded according to the number of strokes taken at each hole, whereby a hole completed in a net (of handicap) one stroke over par counts as one point, a hole completed in level par counts as two points.

  • Nett Albatross : 5 points
  • Nett Eagle : 4 points
  • Nett Birdie : 3 points
  • Nett Par : 2 points
  • Nett one over par : 1 point
  • Double bogeys or worse : 0 points

Team Count Out Rules

In the event that after the rounds, two or more teams finish on the same accumulative score then the following rules will apply in terms of a count out.

 The team with the highest Alliance score on 4th will win the count-out.

  • In the event that the above does not produce a winner then the team with the highest Alliance Score at 2nd course, 3rd course, and then final course will apply.
  • In the unlikely event that none of the above provide a clear winner then it will go to the 1st round and will involve the last 9 holes, and if this does not provide a result then the last 6 holes, similarly then the last 3 holes, last 2 holes and then last hole for the final position.
  • In the extremely unlikely event that the above does not provide a winner, the score from the first hole of 1st round and subsequent holes in consecutive order from 1 to 18 will be used until a winner is determined.
  • If a tie still remains the tournament committee reserves the right to declare a winner based on additional count out rules.

PGA Professional Event

  • Individual Stableford off a handicap of scratch - the PGA Professional with the highest Stableford score over the 5 rounds will be declared the winner. The PGA Professional must play out every hole for their own score.
  • The field will be restricted to 480 therefore 120 teams of one PGA Professional and three amateur club members. However final numbers are at the discretion of the organisers in keeping the tournament competitive.
  • The event shall be played under the auspices of the R&A rules of golf, PGA of South Africa conditions of competition, local rules and the local rules of the host clubs as determined by the Tournament Committee.

In the event of a tie for first - Should two or more players finish on the same final accumulative score in a tie for first then there will be a sudden death, hole by hole playoff at final course.


At registration the following must be supplied:

  • Certified handicap forms for all 3 amateurs in each team
  • Copy of Professional's passport
  • All bank details for Professional

Caddies & Carts

  • Caddy only facility - A caddy will be provided. Golf carts may be requested with a valid medical certificate for an amateur golfer only.
  • Carts only facility - Caddies will not be made available at any of these clubs, but ball spotters will be provided on course for the duration of the event. To drive a motorised cart, competitors agree to possess a current driver's license and have previous experience driving a golf cart equal to a minimum of 4 rounds. In event of an accident, the driver is responsible for the costs to repair the cart and any property damaged as well as being liable for any personal injury claims. Professionals will not be allowed to use carts in round 5 of the tournament.

Accommodation & Transfers

All players will be met at the airport and transferred by coach to the tournament hotel. Each day the coaches will also transport players to and from each golf course.

  • All golfers arriving before or after 24 February 2018 will be quoted for Airport Transfers.
  • All golfers departing after 03 March 2018 will be quoted for airport transfers.
  • All golfers arriving before 24 February 2018 & departing after 03 March 2018 will be quoted for additional accommodation.

Note: Any players who elect to use their own transport to and from the course daily will be penalised according to the rules of golf if late for their tee-time. Late arrival due to official event transportation issues will not be penalised.

Baggage Master Service

Note: A full Baggage Master service is provided to avoid carting clubs on and off coaches. Golf bags will be delivered to each golf course at 06:00 each morning. Additional requirements must be booked with the Baggage Master.

Please ensure all personal items, medication etc are removed from Golf Bags when checked in with the baggage master on your arrival and check in on Saturday 24 February 2017.

PGA Professional Airline Arrangements (Only applies to Non South African entries)

Once the organiser has received full payment from the three amateurs in the team, we will proceed to book the PGA Professionals return flight. Where amateurs arrange their own flights, they may co-ordinate their arrangements with that of the Professional but the organisers cannot change the Professionals flights or airline. The organisers will book and pay for the PGA Professionals flights. Should the PGA Professional wish to book and pay for his own flights in order to accommodate their amateurs, compensation will be limited to ZAR7500 towards that flight, which they will be given on their arrival in South Africa.

Official & Social Events

All golfers are required to attend the Official Dinner events as a condition of entry. These include:

  • Welcome Cocktails
  • Official Opening Dinner - The evening is the official opening of the event. Teams are seated together and it is important that everyone attends. Team photographs for the event brochure will be taken on entry into the venue. To show Club representation it is recommended that you dress in uniformity.
  • Awards Gala Dinner - The winners of both the PGA Professional tournament as well as the team winners do not, as is traditional, receive their trophies on the 18th after the final day. Instead, presentations will be made at the Awards Gala Dinner on Friday night, where sponsors, dignitaries and VIP's will address the audience.

For this reason the final team positions are only announced at the gala awards function once the Professional s final score has been added to the team’s first 4 day’s play.

As a condition of entry all players must allow photography at any stage of the event and if required be available for publicity purposes.

Additional functions - In the event of any sponsors wishing to host an event or function, all players are required to attend as a condition of entry.

Tee Markers

  • Men - WHITE
  • Ladies - RED
  • Forward / Seniors - BLUE


All players are to play off the handicap supplied by the Tournament Director on the scorecard. The tournament committee reserves the right to reduce a player's handicap based on performance. 


The par value and stroking on all holes will be the same for ladies and men. In order to ensure fairness there are some instances where the ladies tee is on the fairway to ensure the hole plays to the same par and stroke as the men.

Rain Or Weather Delays

  • Should any specific round be delayed or stopped altogether for rain or weather issues then it is at the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee as to whether the round will be completed the following day or cancelled altogether.
  • In the event that a day is cancelled then all scores for that day will not count towards the final score. It is duly noted that because multiple course are in use at any one time that it could be likely in the above scenario that competitor scores will not count at different courses - this will be a part of the tournament and considered the "rub of the green" and is applicable to both PGA Professional and amateur scores.

Sick Or Injured Players

Should the unfortunate situation arise that a player is unable to complete a round or in fact a few rounds then the team cannot replace that player and will have to compete as a 3 ball. However, teams may only qualify for entry with a 4 ball to commence with.

Tee times

  • All tee times will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. A one tee, two tee or shotgun option may be considered.
  • If because of a rain or weather delay a team or teams need to complete a round on a golf course from a previous day, the tournament committee reserves the right to change the tee times for that day. All tee times will be posted the night before each round.
  • Rule 6-3a Applies

General Rules Applying To All Host Courses

The PGA of South Africa will provide you with the PGA of South Africa hard card applicable to the PGA of South Africa sanctioned events.


Amateurs must pick up their ball when they cannot get a Stableford point or contribute to the team score. This does not apply to the Professional who must play out the hole on all five (5) days, according to the Professional competition.

Tournament Office

Location details will be displayed in the lobby on arrival.

Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee will include 3 representatives of the PGA of South Africa.

Should we not add here, PGA’s of Europe and Tournament Representative?



Snakes are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. As per the decisions on the Rules of Golf, a snake is an outside agency and in equity, it is unreasonable to expect a player to play a ball from such a dangerous situation. Through the green, the player is entitled to relief without penalty at the nearest spot where there would be no danger.

Electric Fences

Golf Estates in South Africa are enclosed by electric fences. It could be life threatening to touch the fence or attempt to retrieve a golf ball through the fence. All electric fences are outside the boundary of the golf course and should be avoided.

Arrival And Departure From Golf Courses

On arrival at the club, the players will be directed to their golf bags. The players must ensure that their golf bag is unlocked and loaded on the golf cart.

Once the player has completed the round and the scorecard has been handed in at the scoring area, the player is to ensure that their golf bag is locked and once again stored in the storage vehicle.

Halfway House/Lunch

This will be a grab and go and is part of the tournament fee. Should a competitor wish to eat on completion of the round there are menus available at the club and this (food and drinks) will be for the player's own account

Scoring Area & Regulations

A scoring area will be set up at each club. All players will be required to hand in their scorecards directly after play to either the Course Director or Scoring Administrator. The scorecard will be checked and loaded onto the scoring system. When the scores are correct, the scorecard with both signatures will be accepted and the score confirmed.


The distances on the scorecard reflect the normal distances from the club tees. Note these may vary (from what is on the scorecard) on competition day. All distances and GPS system are in meters.

Ball Spotters

A ball spotter will be positioned on any hole that the Tournament Director has identified as requiring a ball spotter. The ball spotter will be supplied with a pole containing a red flag and a white flag. If the ball has been spotted, the ball spotter will show a white flag. If the ball spotter is unable to locate the ball, a red flag will be shown and provided the ball is not in a water hazard a provisional ball will need to be played.

Please appreciate that the ball spotter is only there to indicate if your ball is in sight but all playing decisions must be made by the golfer and the spotter will not be held liable for any decisions. 


All players are reminded that any valuables such as wallets, cash, jewellery, etc. must not be stored in the golf bag or golf cart.


All players are reminded that there are monkeys on the courses. No valuables should be left on the golf cart, even during play, as they could be taken by them.