PGA Professional Prizes

  • Professional prize money will be paid out as per Appendix A
  • All prize money will be paid from the PGA of SA less the applicable levy of 5%
  • All international Professionals will also be subjected to an additional South African Revenue Services withholding tax of 15% (Each professional will receive a receipt from the PGA of South Africa to prove to their country of origin that they have already paid taxes to the South African Revenue Service).
  • Trophies - World Club ProAm Professional Champion

Amateur Prizes

  • Amateur prize rules: According to the regulations laid down by the South African Golf Association no amateur can win more than R4500 (inclusive of VAT) of retail value of prizes for the entire duration of the tournament.
  • Prize Allocation: A total of USA$50 000 in prizes will be allocated amongst all four team players according to the allowances for amateurs in South Africa. There are prizes for each team for 1st to 20th overall and for 1st each day at each course.
  • Note: No team can win a prize for coming first on two of the days. Should this case arise then the team that came second on the day will win.
  • The prizes will be allocated in the following way: All prizes will be allocated according to the highest possible value and position a team finishes in over the 5 days.
    • Additional novelty prizes
    • 2x nearest to pin daily
    • 1x longest drive
  • Calcutta: This may be organized amongst the professionals only, and will be allowed subject to rules approved by the tournament organisers.
  • Amateur Trophies:
    • Team Trophy - 1st to 7th World Club ProAm Team Cup
    • Individual Trophy - 1st - 3rd per course for the Amateur Cup depending on number of entries e.g. World Club ProAm Course 1 Cup / Course 2 Cup / etc

Tournament Prize Fund

The total prize money for the World Club ProAm will be as follows:

  • Prize fund of USD 100 000 for all professionals finishing from 1st to 60th.
  • Every Professional who finishes outside the top 60 will be paid an appearance fee of USD 1 000.
  • Regardless of the number of professionals entered, the prize money will pay out from position 1st downwards and according to the table until the last professional has been paid a prize or appearance fee, and will not be reduced or increased pro-rata due to less or more numbers.

TAXES - Prize money will be subject to a 5% PGA of South Africa levy and the applicable South African Revenue Services tax criteria.

Appendix A - Professional prize money break down

Position Prize Position Prize
1st USD 15 850.00 31st USD 1 000.00
2nd USD 11 500.00 32nd USD 1 000.00
3rd USD 6 997.62 33rd USD 1 000.00
4th USD 4 909.52 34th USD 1 000.00
5th USD 4 130.95 35th USD 1 000.00
6th USD 3 540.08 36th USD 1 000.00
7th USD 2 950.00 37th USD 1 000.00
8th USD 2 459.52 38th USD 1 000.00
9th USD 2 159.52 39th USD 1 000.00
10th USD 1 959.52 40th USD 1 000.00
11th USD 1 800.00 41st USD 1 000.00
12th USD 1 669.05 42nd USD 1 000.00
13th USD 1 571.43 43rd USD 1 000.00
14th USD 1 509.52 44th USD 1 000.00
15th USD 1 450.00 45th USD 1 000.00
16th USD 1 390.48 46th USD 1 000.00
17th USD 1 333.33 47th USD 1 000.00
18th USD 1 285.71 48th USD 1 000.00
19th USD 1 238.10 49th USD 1 000.00
20th USD 1 190.48    
21st USD 1 142.86    
22nd USD 1 095.24    
23rd USD 1 047.62    
24th USD 1 000.00    
25th USD 1 000.00    
26th USD 1 000.00    
27th USD 1 000.00    
28th USD 1 000.00    
29th USD 1 000.00    
30th USD 1 000.00    

*An appearance fee of USD 1 000 applies from position 61 onwards.

TOTAL PRIZE FUND for 60 places - USD 120 000.

The PGA of South Africa and the World Pro Am Tournament Committee reserve the right to increase the field if so required.


Rate fixed at R 13 to the US Dollar.
The amount per positional payout remains fixed regardless of any increase or decrease in entries.